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Welcome!!! This page contains some information about the Troop 10 organization and its activities.  We hope that this will answer some of your questions and let you know what to expect of Troop 10 (and what we expect of you). 

Where and When We Meet

Our sponsor is the United Church of Christ in Medfield, where we also meet.  Troop meetings are generally held every Tuesday, from 7:00-8:30 pm.  The first Tuesday of each month is generally followed by a meeting of our Patrol Leaders Council from 8:30 to 9:00 pm. This is where the activities at the Troop meetings for the upcoming month are planned by the older Scouts, who carry out the majority of the program during Troop meetings.  There are no Troop or Patrol meetings scheduled during July and August.

A copy of the Troop 10 Bylaws (revised May 2013, & approved by our sponsor), in PDF format, is available here

Trips and Summer Camp

Troop 10 schedules approximately 6-7 camping trips per year.  Most of these trips are in the immediate New England area.  In the Fall, there are such activities as a bicycling/camping trip to Nantucket Island, a 2-day mountain camping trip in New Hampshire, a hiking/backpacking trip, etc.  There is the overnight "Klondike Derby" campout, and a ski trip to Maine in the Winter, followed by "Merit Badge University" in March.  And in the Spring there such things as our canoeing trip to Devil's Foot Island and whitewater rafting.  Day trips are also scheduled for advancement work, service projects and always for fun.  Further details on our activities can be found by clicking the "Past Troop Activities" button on the left column of this website.

Summer camp for our Troop takes place the third week of July at Camp Squanto in Plymouth, MA.  Enrolling in the "Flight to Eagle" program at summer camp is an excellent way for new Scouts to complete many requirements towards the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class.  (It is especially helpful to Scouts who never have had the prior experience of Cub Scouting.)  Any Scout who intends to go to summer camp should speak to the Scoutmaster, so that they will be included on the camp registration.

Service projects

Service projects are scheduled throughout the year.  Annual service projects include performing repairs and upkeep at the United Church of Christ and have included working at the Medfield Spring Cleanup Day.  There are also specific projects organized and planned by Scouts working towards their Eagle rank.  Troop members are asked to help with these projects as well.

Courts of Honor

The Troop Court of Honor is a very important part of Scouting.  This ceremony is where the Scouts receive rank badges, merit badges, or other awards.  The Scouts work hard to achieve these awards and we formally recognize this at the troop Court of Honor.  Scouts also receive their badges at regular Scout meetings, as they earn them.

An Eagle Court of Honor is the very special occasion that is held when a Scout reaches the rank of Eagle.  All troop members should attend to honor the new Eagle Scout.

All family members are invited to attend every Troop and Eagle Court of Honor ceremony.


Fundraisers help buy equipment for the troop and help defray the cost of some of the more expensive trips.  Our only fundraiser is our Holiday Greens sale, running from mid-October through mid-November.   Every Scout and their parents are expected to participate in these fundraisers.

Membership Dues

As of 2019, the minimum dues for annual membership in the Troop is $78.00 per year, and is collected in September.  This fee goes directly to our local Council and the National office. The fundraiser listed above is the Troop's only source of revenue for its operating budget, above the cost of our camping trips and other activities, which generally will have their own fee.

Parental Involvement

Parents are needed at all Scouting activities.  Without parental involvement, no meetings or trips can take place.  The quality of the Scouting program is directly governed by the amount of parental support available.  Insufficient involvement can (and has) resulted in cancellation or reduction in scope of Troop events.

Troop Committee meetings, where parents meet to conduct Troop business and plan Troop activities, are held once a month, usually on the first Sunday evening.  All parents are encouraged to attend and become involved.

Uniforms and Equipment

Troop 10 requires the Scouts BSA "Class A" tan shirt (short sleeve) with properly-placed insignia, BSA pants and belt.  If BSA shorts are worn, Scout socks are also required.  Class A uniforms are to be worn at all meetings and events, except camping, backpacking, or other times so designated by the Scoutmaster. 

The Troop will provide a Troop 10 neckerchief, green "Scouts BSA" shoulder tabs and a Scouts BSA Handbook. 

Troop 10 custom "Class B" t-shirts are provided to new scouts each year, during Summer camp.  These are required attire at Summer camp, along with the usual "Class-A" uniform (Scout short-sleeve shirt, Scout shorts, Scout belt and Scout socks.

Basic equipment needed on camping trips includes a sleeping bag & pad, frame pack or duffel bag, mess kit, silverware, hot/cold cup, canteen (or water bottle), pocketknife, hiking boots and rain gear.  A list is always provided before each trip.

Uniforms and other Boy Scout needs can be purchased at a BSA Scout Shop or BSA Authorized Distributor.

Adult Leaders

The Scoutmaster of the boys Troop is Matthew Johnson
The Scoutmaster of the girls Troop is Ned Rothstein 
The Chairman of the Troop Committee is Steve Leach

The Troop website is maintained by Ned Rothstein